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Okay, kids. As a few of you have noticed, realtome.com (my previous domain) has gone away. Blah blah name doesn't please me any more blah $200 to renew it blah blah over-itcakes. I kept blogging on blogspot.com, and have since seriously neglected this here live journal.

Dyna tells me to stick with live journal because she misses me on her friends page. Perhaps there's another person out there who does, too! Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody else reads this except Jenn. Maybe Rusty. Aaaaannnnnyway, I hooked myself up with a paid account. And it's not this one. See above: name doesn't do it for me anymore. That means that I need you -- both of you -- to update your friends page and follow me down to Sesame Street.

smash23, kids. Friend me, read me, comment on me, use me, abuse me, just don't lose me! And take the Christmas M&Ms away from me, because they're definately affecting my thought processes.

Slash kit for sale!

dyna: Hey pookie, do you subscribe to TV Guide?

smash: Nope.

dyna: Well, I see here on my friends page that next week our boyfriends are on the cover.

smash: *stutter*

smash: Unfrozen Caveman Actor and Shorty Shorty Blondie Pants?

smash: Or other boyfriends of ours?

dyna: Yes.

dyna: UCA and SBP.

smash: Must buy that.

dyna: It won't shock you to see our boyfriends together on the TVG cover, then.

smash: No. Unless they're trying to act all hetero, I won't be shocked.

dyna: Hah!

dyna: I saw a blurry image of the cover, and it seems like they might be holding hands.

smash: Oh, please God!

smash: But you're probably kidding, aren't you?

dyna: "you big hunk of superhero, you!"

dyna: "come over here and--"

dyna: "Shut up, Spike."

smash: Hee!

dyna: I am kidding. You can't see their hands. Who knows where those hands are!!

smash: But I have a pretty good idea!!

smash: *nudge, nudge*

dyna: I suppose there's no point in pretending I don't get it, is there?

dyna: Time to dust off the Angel/Spike slash kit.

smash: HA!

smash: Okay, now we have to list the contents of said kit.

smash: 1. Lube

dyna: 2. More lube

smash: 3. Thesauras

smash: (for words like "prostate")

dyna: Hah!

dyna: 4. Leather pants

dyna: 5. Handcuffs

smash: 6. Action figures

smash: 7. Things that vibrate

dyna: 8. Lubricating food items

smash: 9. Action figures that vibrate

dyna: HA HA HA!

smash: I'm laughing so hard I'm going to wet my pants!


smash: NO! Stop making me laugh!

smash: BRB!

smash: Crisis averted.

dyna: Whew!

smash: For no logical reason, I'm feeling a need to add "flip flops" to the S/A slash kit.

dyna: HA!!

dyna: Do it.

smash: 10. Flip flops

dyna: 11. Shower

dyna: 12. Tuxedos

smash: 13. Faith

dyna: Rrrrrrr!

dyna: Yes!

smash: 14. Giles

dyna: Dude!

smash: No, you weren't.

dyna: This is your wish list, isn't it?

smash: It's our slash kit.

dyna: 15. Bourbon and whiskey

smash: Mmm.

smash: 16. Guitar

dyna: Ooh!

dyna: 17. Leather sofa

smash: 18. Bed posts

smash: 19. Several Liz Phair CDs

dyna: Yes!

dyna: Spike sings along.

dyna: 20. Thumb ring

smash: Gaaaah.

dyna: 21. Cashmere blankets

smash: 22. Angel's S2 (Buffy) long-chain necklace

smash: 23. I'm thinking Spike needs a tat.

dyna: 24. Untucked white oxford shirt, worn with low-hanging jeans and no shoes

dyna: (and yes! to the tatoo!)

smash: 25. A closet full of nummy sweaters of the non-bulky, slightly fitted variety in XL and M

dyna: Mmm!

dyna: Slubby knit silk, v-neck.

smash: Right on.

smash: 26. Wesley chained in a closet, just for kicks

dyna: HAHA!

smash: Just because we can, we should.

smash: We can blame it on the sick bastards at Mutant Enemy.

dyna: Hee!

Plastic dolls

Wicked mad props to KT of ohmystars.net who made me laugh today. "Whatever your age the desire to make plastic dolls shag is almost impossible to resist." Just looking at that picture of Nongenius's fancy new Buffy swag shelves gets me itching for more action figure porn.

It's true that I haven't been around much at all. I've been suffering from a condition I like to call "Bitter Old Hag" syndrome. Between planning my future as resident at Wordgirl and INAJ's Crazy Old Dog Lady Ranch, I spent my lunch hour reading live journals. I haven't even gotten through non-lj blogs, but I expect to catch up soon.

Speaking of plastic dolls, I made, upon request, a silly little t-shirt design available at Cafe Press. I'm not making any money off the shirts, so don't think I'm sharing the link for profit. I just thought I'd offer up some proof that I'm not a total slug! I have actually done something since returning from Italy! Click today because the tanks are on sale! I'm sure this is true of that Tubey shirt you've been eyeing, so splurge the $13 on yourself!

I'd like to close with something I just told Dyna in chat: "Italian playboy millionaire" is one phrase I don't hear enough in my life.

Soul searching

Why do we call it "soul searching," I wonder. Why not, "self analysis" or "heart searching" or "mind pondering"? First of all, soul searching is probably something Spike did before he decided that his misplaced attempt to convince Buffy that she loved him by way of attempting to force physical intimacy upon her deserved an ultimate penance.

People "make up their minds" to do things, possibly after a soul-searching decision-making process. Why do we search our souls only to make up our minds? Shouldn't we search our souls then make up our souls? Or search our minds before making them up?

I did some soul searching yesterday and decided to rent Can't Hardly Wait. After seeing it, I realize that I had, in fact, seen it before. When I saw it I didn't realize the scope of the Buffy alumni who were in it. Additionally, all those other faces who have gone on to do bigger and better things. Or at least other things. I was especially amused by two bits of interest: 1. Many of those actors -- Jaime Presley, Peter Facinelli, Erik Palladino, Tamala Jones, Breckin Meyer and Jerry O'Connell -- are playing 30-somethings now, only five years after playing 18-year-olds. 2. Every party scene is cluttered with actors who I cannot place. Aside from the bigger names mentioned above, there were a couple of girls who I know I've seen before, but I can't remember what movie or TV show.

My good friend R. was just laid off. He got a decent severence package, so he has some time to search his soul before choosing a career path. And that just got me to thinking.

So, I need to do some soul searching now before I leave the office about what I want for dinner. R. is coming over, so I'll either whip something up or pick something up. What to do, what to do?

Exhausted in Italy

Day 11 (or is it 12?) of my two-week jag in Italy. This morning, I'm in Napoli (Naples for you non-Italian folk) on my way to Pompeii. We've been running so hard and fast, and it's so hot that we're getting a very late start. The younger of the two of us slept through all the waking up devices, so while TFE checks us out, the girls are scrambling to shower and pack. We've got a long haul to the train station with luggage, and neither of the girls took my advice about packing light. TFE's neice, M, actually threw away her suitcase in Firenze (again, Florence for the Americans) and half of her stuff. She bought a very lightweight suitcase on the street and is now the envy of the rest of us.

I've got pages and pages of food porn to post at OTB upon my return. I've also got some boxes of food packed to go home with me for further replication of the amazing food here.

I haven't heard from Jasie, and I'm sorry that I've missed her. But I'm too tired to have been any fun with her anyway.

Weekly one-shot

First, someone in OTB posted the new url for Tomato Nation. Update your links!

Next, 100Watts posted a link to the coolest site, sesameseventies.com. This woman dug out her old LPs of Sesame Street Fever and Cookie Disco, rigged her old turntable into her computer, cleaned up the audio files and converted them to .wavs, .mp3s and .rams. The layout alone is totally worth the look-see, even if you've no interest in boogying down the 70s-lit memory lane. Personally? I downloaded every mp3 she has available.

For the business-minded, easily entertained or easily addicted like me, I have to share this game that Cosmo linked to from OTB: Virtual Drug Dealer. My high score is a little more than $8 million, but PizzaSub is the smack-pushing shiznit with scores of more than 10 times that. Something about keeping a spreadsheet of prices .... It's pretty fun, and easy to get hooked on. MissDona shared a slightly more complex version of a similar game, which you download and play offline or online, Dope Wars. That game has cops, a loan shark, a bank, bitches for hire and a gun shop. I'm not that good at it yet, but it's totally addictive. Yesterday, I caught myself saying aloud, "Whoa! Smack prices are too volatile. I'm not buying that stuff anymore." Then I was excited because opium prices shot up and I made $50,000 in one transaction. Then a cop put a cap in my ass. All this from the girl who's never even touched a drug in her life. Hee!

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Holy forgotten birthday, Batman!

I've been so freaking busy at work and not home any evenings this week -- except for Tuesday night, but that was celebratory dinner night because TFE took her licensing exam for nine hours that day, so I wanted to make a big, fancy, special dinner and then we watched the Tru Calling pilot because it's got Eliza, donchaknow, so no computer time for me that night -- that I'm just now reading my friends page. Reading to discover that I? Suck. No clue Rustydog had a birthday. Gaah! Here's a big belated birthday squeeze to the precious Rusty: *squeeeeeeeze*
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A Looking Good Friday Five

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?

Short, straight and baby fine.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?

Not a jot.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?

Kicky and flippy uppy in the back.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?

You know, I've always wanted long hair. My hair is so thin and fine, that the longest it has ever been is just past my shoulders. It just plain doesn't grow any longer. Even when it was that long, it wasn't Looking Good because you could see through it!

I think I'd like it to be longish. Say, down to my bra strap. It would also be thicker, but not so thick that it gives me headaches from the weight of it. I'd keep it straight. Hey, aren't I pretty much describing Sarah Michelle Gellar's hair? Huh.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?

The worst I've ever done is get my hair cut in a zillion layers all over. I was 13, I think, and way too young to have to style that every day. It never, ever looked right. Then, growing it out was a total whip.

We haven't met yet

Whizzing through to say hello. My plan last week was to write dog-flavored entries every day, but once again real life interfered. Blast friends, family, work, and plans to travel!

I downloaded and watched the pilot episode of Tru Calling. I'm going to make two, very non-spoilery observations and perhaps they will peak your interest for Eliza Dushku's newest tv vehicle. One, she runs. A lot. Think Baywatch in denim. Likewise, there are more than a couple really decent low-cut shirts making television debuts in this episode. Two, it's no Joss Wheadon project. I've taken for granted these seven years that smart shows don't talk down to their audiences. Tru Calling? Not going to let you forget any aspect of the premise. Ever. But then again, it was only the pilot episode, not designed for the unwashed masses but instead for the morons at Fox who've given us quality programming such as Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, a couple of Caught on Tape installments featuring bartenders stirring drinks with their penises, Joe Millionaire and Mr. Personality. As a result, the Tru Calling pilot looks a tad like television's answer to an Olan Mills photographer trying to capture Baby's First Smile on film. "Lookie! Lookie, lookie! Shht shht shht! Wooo hooo! HI! Where's that smile? Aaaaahhhhh goo! Aaahh goo! There we go! Good job! Can you give me another one? I think you can! Ohyesyoucan! What a big girl!!" I've watched it twice already.

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This is totally random, but I can't get it off my brain. Yesterday, I was at M & A's house after planning M's baby shower. We were outside in the front yard, playing with Baxter, their huge black standard poodle. He was so happy to see me. He wouldn't leave me alone!

While I was talking with M, he kept trying to get my attention. Then Baxter did this ginormous run-and-jump thing at me while I had put my arms up in the air in demonstration of something (you know, the way that I do). He snouted me! The inside of my right elbow is black and blue from the force of his snout! I went in and sat down after that, and he literally tried to crawl into my lap. Baxter is literally taller than I am (at 5.8) standing on his hind legs. I guess I've got the Baxter mojo.