February 12th, 2003

Serious food on the brain

What is up with my food obsession? I dreamt of eating two chocolate donut holes last night. The hell? Guess who's trying to diet?

I wrote this very long, anti-Spike rant yesterday. I decided not to post it. At least let me see what kind of lame overacting James Marsters gives us tonight before I go full-tilt, embittered hag on him. Surely some of the love loss between us is the increase frequency of David Boreanaz in my dreams. Another factor is the self-image I've projected to stand next to him. In that visual snapshot, I'm at least two or three inches taller than him, and twice as big around. My thighs would have to be registered as lethal weapons with the Sunnydale P.D., and not in the "I've got great gams way." If I were on the balcony in the Bronze and Olaf came through there again sending me tumbling onto Spike, I'd crush the little vampire. He'd be begging for a stake to the heart. That's just not sexy, in my mind. At least I believe that Unfrozen Caveman Actor, er, David Boreanaz, could withstand my weight. I hope.

I called in sick today. While driving to work, I had to (ATTENTION: TMI ahead!) throw up. Traffic was crawling, so I could just open my door and take care of business right there on the highway. Finally, I turned around and came home. I put on my sweats and made myself some mint tea. Then I was instantly better. But I've got the day off, so I'm trying to finish my stupid Faith/Buffy fic for Fox's fanfic challenge. Why can't I finish this stupid thing? I'm also all set up to work on an Alias music mix. But this Madonna song is too much fun to stop, so I'll keep chair dancing and blogging until it's over.

Over the weekend, someone speculated (probably Jenn, but it could have been Hinkle) that Fauxlio, a.k.a. The Francinator, a.k.a. Evil Francie, would turn out to be Ana, a.k.a. Cleopatra 2525, a.k.a. What's-her-face from Firefly. You know! The K-Directorate spy that Sydney kept going up against last season! Ana is the other person who had that DNA genetic whatsamabob stuff done to make her look just like Ethan Hawke! Wait, wait, wait, I mean Francie. Ana now looks just like Francie. You know what's sad, though? Poor Sydney. Her finace was murdered, her dad's a big fat liar, her friend Will almost got killed, her mom killed a zillion people and, oh, SHOT HER, and now her very best friend is dead and being impersonated. Hey, I know this one! Francie is really The First Evil! Quick! Everybody think for a minute. Did Francie hug you when she came over? Have you seen her touch anything?

Speaking of Evil, Highwaygirl mentioned to me in an email that she spoiled herself silly for the rest of the season of Buffy. She was kind enough to avoid sharing specifics with me, but she did voice an opinion about the end of the season. See, I don't even want to know that much anymore. Just get me to the naked Connor parts, okay? And to the parts where Sydney wears the black lingerie and carries a whip.