July 28th, 2003

Soul searching

Why do we call it "soul searching," I wonder. Why not, "self analysis" or "heart searching" or "mind pondering"? First of all, soul searching is probably something Spike did before he decided that his misplaced attempt to convince Buffy that she loved him by way of attempting to force physical intimacy upon her deserved an ultimate penance.

People "make up their minds" to do things, possibly after a soul-searching decision-making process. Why do we search our souls only to make up our minds? Shouldn't we search our souls then make up our souls? Or search our minds before making them up?

I did some soul searching yesterday and decided to rent Can't Hardly Wait. After seeing it, I realize that I had, in fact, seen it before. When I saw it I didn't realize the scope of the Buffy alumni who were in it. Additionally, all those other faces who have gone on to do bigger and better things. Or at least other things. I was especially amused by two bits of interest: 1. Many of those actors -- Jaime Presley, Peter Facinelli, Erik Palladino, Tamala Jones, Breckin Meyer and Jerry O'Connell -- are playing 30-somethings now, only five years after playing 18-year-olds. 2. Every party scene is cluttered with actors who I cannot place. Aside from the bigger names mentioned above, there were a couple of girls who I know I've seen before, but I can't remember what movie or TV show.

My good friend R. was just laid off. He got a decent severence package, so he has some time to search his soul before choosing a career path. And that just got me to thinking.

So, I need to do some soul searching now before I leave the office about what I want for dinner. R. is coming over, so I'll either whip something up or pick something up. What to do, what to do?