November 13th, 2003

(no subject)

Okay, kids. As a few of you have noticed, (my previous domain) has gone away. Blah blah name doesn't please me any more blah $200 to renew it blah blah over-itcakes. I kept blogging on, and have since seriously neglected this here live journal.

Dyna tells me to stick with live journal because she misses me on her friends page. Perhaps there's another person out there who does, too! Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody else reads this except Jenn. Maybe Rusty. Aaaaannnnnyway, I hooked myself up with a paid account. And it's not this one. See above: name doesn't do it for me anymore. That means that I need you -- both of you -- to update your friends page and follow me down to Sesame Street.

smash23, kids. Friend me, read me, comment on me, use me, abuse me, just don't lose me! And take the Christmas M&Ms away from me, because they're definately affecting my thought processes.