smash (realtome) wrote,

Word to my girlfriend

Last week, SMASH to DYNAGIRL: Stupid Joss! Stupid telling everyone in every possible interview for the last six months as many times as conceivably possible that someone dies. Shut up, Joss!

DYNAGIRL: Right, right, blah blah not Spike, blah blah can't sleep, blah blah sadcakes.

SMASH: Blah blah not Spike blah too obvious blah blah speculation and consoling.

SMASH: Recounts above conversation to TFEva.

TFE: I'm no writer. Hell, I'm not the least bit creative or appreciative of fiction. But even I know that the show has to end BIG, which means somebody has to die. Dude, somebody even dies at the end of fucking Dawson's Crack.

SMASH: *howls with laughter*


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