smash (realtome) wrote,


This is totally random, but I can't get it off my brain. Yesterday, I was at M & A's house after planning M's baby shower. We were outside in the front yard, playing with Baxter, their huge black standard poodle. He was so happy to see me. He wouldn't leave me alone!

While I was talking with M, he kept trying to get my attention. Then Baxter did this ginormous run-and-jump thing at me while I had put my arms up in the air in demonstration of something (you know, the way that I do). He snouted me! The inside of my right elbow is black and blue from the force of his snout! I went in and sat down after that, and he literally tried to crawl into my lap. Baxter is literally taller than I am (at 5.8) standing on his hind legs. I guess I've got the Baxter mojo.

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