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We haven't met yet

Whizzing through to say hello. My plan last week was to write dog-flavored entries every day, but once again real life interfered. Blast friends, family, work, and plans to travel!

I downloaded and watched the pilot episode of Tru Calling. I'm going to make two, very non-spoilery observations and perhaps they will peak your interest for Eliza Dushku's newest tv vehicle. One, she runs. A lot. Think Baywatch in denim. Likewise, there are more than a couple really decent low-cut shirts making television debuts in this episode. Two, it's no Joss Wheadon project. I've taken for granted these seven years that smart shows don't talk down to their audiences. Tru Calling? Not going to let you forget any aspect of the premise. Ever. But then again, it was only the pilot episode, not designed for the unwashed masses but instead for the morons at Fox who've given us quality programming such as Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, a couple of Caught on Tape installments featuring bartenders stirring drinks with their penises, Joe Millionaire and Mr. Personality. As a result, the Tru Calling pilot looks a tad like television's answer to an Olan Mills photographer trying to capture Baby's First Smile on film. "Lookie! Lookie, lookie! Shht shht shht! Wooo hooo! HI! Where's that smile? Aaaaahhhhh goo! Aaahh goo! There we go! Good job! Can you give me another one? I think you can! Ohyesyoucan! What a big girl!!" I've watched it twice already.


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