smash (realtome) wrote,

Plastic dolls

Wicked mad props to KT of who made me laugh today. "Whatever your age the desire to make plastic dolls shag is almost impossible to resist." Just looking at that picture of Nongenius's fancy new Buffy swag shelves gets me itching for more action figure porn.

It's true that I haven't been around much at all. I've been suffering from a condition I like to call "Bitter Old Hag" syndrome. Between planning my future as resident at Wordgirl and INAJ's Crazy Old Dog Lady Ranch, I spent my lunch hour reading live journals. I haven't even gotten through non-lj blogs, but I expect to catch up soon.

Speaking of plastic dolls, I made, upon request, a silly little t-shirt design available at Cafe Press. I'm not making any money off the shirts, so don't think I'm sharing the link for profit. I just thought I'd offer up some proof that I'm not a total slug! I have actually done something since returning from Italy! Click today because the tanks are on sale! I'm sure this is true of that Tubey shirt you've been eyeing, so splurge the $13 on yourself!

I'd like to close with something I just told Dyna in chat: "Italian playboy millionaire" is one phrase I don't hear enough in my life.


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